Union Square Vision

10 years ago, I had the dream to develop the best skateboard shoe ever – and Union Square Shoes was born.  As a competitive BMX rider and skateboarder, I came on the scene the early 80s and am still grinding today. I have worked in almost every aspect of the Industry from sponsored athlete to product tester to designer.  My vision was clear to create the perfect skate shoe for all sides of the action sport universe. 

In order to design the perfect shoe, I needed the perfect partner.  So, I teamed up with legendary street shoe designer Mike Hobbs, who was instrumental in reviving the Skate Board division at Converse. Together we combined Mike’s 20 years of experience designing and selling more than a million shoes for Fila, Timberland, Nike and Puma — and my 20 years of experience as a competitive athlete, brand developer, and influencer.

The result is our meticulously crafted skate shoes that offers the ideal footwear for action sports, BMX, free riding and much more. Our stylish street designs offer shoes that everyone can love and anyone can rock. 

Much Love,
Jimmy Mac McNeal


Mike Hobbs

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